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Legal statement

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Legal statement

This information is intended for general purposes and the intention is to provide users of the General information page with the general information on the activities of LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o., which may be interesting for them. The purpose of the information provided is not to replace audit, tax, accountant, economic, legal or other professional advisory, consultancy or services. If you are interested in such services, contact the experts from LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o., who focus on the area concerned.

Implementation of laws and other legislation may be different depending on the particular facts and circumstances of the case. Because of the nature of electronic communication LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. does not guarantee for the uninterrupted functioning of the website and further that its functioning will be without delays, errors, omissions of portions of the site, sentences, paragraphs or viruses. Information on the website is therefore provided "as it is" without any warranties, whether explicit or silently predicted, including their accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

Due to the fact that the content of this website (including all concepts, ideas, methods, procedures, processes, know-how, techniques, programs, publications, models, product samples, software, designs, artworks, graphics and information contained or described on the website) may be protected by copyrights or property rights and be the subject of intellectual property or other rights any unauthorized use of any materials listed on this website can represent breach of copyright, trade mark rights and other legislations or related intellectual property rights or other rights. Users can print or distribute the content of this website (e.g. through a link on a social network) only if:

  •  content is used for personal and non-commercial purposes, 
  • all notifications about copyright, trademark or other similar notifications are left in the materials.

The materials contained on this website cannot be altered, reproduced, publicly displayed, performed, distributed or used for any public or commercial purposes without explicit written permission of the respective provider of the content or material (including links to third-party sites). LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. does not bear any risk or responsibility in the case that user does not receive the explicit written permission recommended by LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o.

The name and the logo of LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. is a registered trademark. Use of this trademark requires obtaining a license and explicit prior permission from LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. An unauthorized use of this trademark is prohibited to the maximum extent determined by the relevant legislations. If you want to request this written approval, contact the website’s administrator via e-mail.

Links to third party sites are provided as an advantage for users of the website. LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. does not control any of this pages or their content and is not responsible for the content in any way. LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. consistently protect its reputation and its trademark and reserves the right to require the removal of any reference to the website.

LANDMARK PROFIT s.r.o. explicitly forbids the following activities related to the internet links. These activities may constitute a breach of copyright and trade mark rights:

  • links, which unjustifiably use our logo,
  • kinds of references, which hides URL or avoids home page or pages containing copyright of the respective companies, its legal statements and privacy statements.