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Audits of employment contracts

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Audits of employment contracts

Identification of the state of formal and factual correctness/ incorrectness of the labour documentation

Employing people is a living process. The labour relations are affected by the whole range of standards (the Labour Code including regulations, law on income tax, health insurance, social insurance, etc.), which are constantly changing. In combination with the constant (albeit just a small) staff turnover it causes automatic occurring of errors in correct employment of people. Therefore, we focus on continuous identification of emerging discrepancies for the employer and on prevention of their occurrence. Our experts are constantly reviewing correctness of existing and sample legal documentation for you.

Audits of workflows

Surely you know the situation, where for example there is a beautiful new sidewalk in the park, but no one walks on it and over the green grass leads brown beaten path. People will always be looking for shorter, simpler and more pleasant journey, even though „planner“ will set the „right one“. That is why besides the formal and factual correctness of the labour documentation we focus just the same on identification of actual work performed, actual hours worked, the actual attendance, place of work, journeys, obstacles on the side of the employer, etc.

Comparison and proposal for corrections

The result of our work, of course, should not end with just a statistical audit of employment contracts and workflows. Therefore, we always suggest concrete written measures (for which we take responsibility), how to reconcile formal, factual and content aspect of the labour relations while simplifying the administrative burden as much as possible. Although in practice it is administrative daunting task with considerable responsibility, we will gladly take care of it.