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Optimization of wages, employment contracts, workflows

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Optimization of wages, employment contracts, workflows

Restructuring the composition of the wages

Badly adjusted structure of remuneration is often a source of demotivation of employees and employers. Fixed and once set wage is as bad as excessively structured remuneration. We follow the rule that the employee should know besides what he/she is supposed to do even what he/she is paid for, they should be able to easily calculate their salaries and should have the opportunity to influence the amount. Equally the employer must have the opportunity to motivate / demotivate their employees inter alia with a respect to another working group. Thanks to our many years of experience with all types of employers and employees we are able to propose the optional solution for you.

Tax optimization of a wage

Due to fear of excessive administration, duration and risks associated with the assessment by the control authorities the employer often loses numerous advantages associated with the tax optimization of wage. Not only does we take over all the paperwork and risks for you but also we will advise you how to „cleverly“ pay your employees while reducing the tax burden. All our provided solutions are of course in accordance with the legislation, they are supported by the extensive jurisprudence and are practically used by hundreds of our long-lasting clients. Ask us how to do it. We will advise you with pleasure.