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Preparation of (new/revision of existing) the labour documentation

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Preparation of (new/revision of existing) the labour documentation

Employment contracts, wage statements, regulations, etc.

Thanks to the constant monitoring of the labour legislation in our personal practice we are able to provide current sample of the labour documentation or we can prepare them for you to fit your demands.

Job description

Through years of experiences from audits of the labour procedures we can develop and the same time maintain current job descriptions (serves employees for further introduction with job position under the Labour Code, often required while solving work-related accidents, etc.). We are not putting together job descriptions only as formal fulfilment of employer's obligations but also as functional and practical guide for employees, superiors and subordinates. At the same time, it is prepared to follow the possible structuring of rewarding employees.

Attendance and related documentation

The Labour Code in the most forms of the labour relations obligates employers to layout, record and report working hours. Unfortunately, or fortunately it does not define precisely how to comply this obligation. This causes different (the Labour Inspectorate vs. employers) and often wrong interpretation in complying with these obligations. Our many years of experience with hundreds of employers and communication with the supervisory authorities shows us a clear path. We will advise you as well. No more useless hiding of „overtimes“, rewriting „work schedules“ or misunderstands while working on the road and so on.

Compilation of compensation system, generalization and other suggestions for simplification

Did you know that you do not have to keep a log book or that it is possible to pay travel costs to employees while not having to list complicated travel expense records or how not to add taxes to a company car and still use it for „private“ purposes. And that is not all, we will gladly not only introduce you, but mainly we will simplify your work even with other "uselessness" and maybe we will save you not only time but also some money.